is an online platform for people who are willing to learn new skills, experiences and expertise from others.

  • In our childhood we had too many people to explain small small things.All are questions were answered.If we wanted to learn something new we had teachers, friends in our locality to teach us, help us. In present scenario we have internet, search engines, ebooks and other digital media but they all lack the feeling of face-to-face learning. We feel that learning is a mechanism where physical presence of the teacher and the student is absolutely essential.

    If we can create a platform where people can find other people based on the skills they want to learn and in a particular locality then there are strong chances that these people would interact with each other to form a pair of a teacher and a student.

    1. People will find their inner talent easily.
    2. There will be no age limit for people to learn.Overall knowledge of society will increase.
    3. People can share their skills with others and can also make money if they want to.

    So, we came up with this platform where learning and teachings are so readily available.Anyone can learn from anyone.That is simply awesome :)

  • skillSpace is strongly backed by young, energetic engineers who beleive that a change is required in the present way of learning. We ar skillSpace is trying too hard to make this vision a reality.

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